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Additional information:

This level comprises of three modules. Once completed, students will receive the CIMA Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting. Upon this being achieved, students can progress to the next level. (Strategic Level)

Examination information:
Each module exams are 90 minutes
Case study exams are 3 hours which is available in 4 windows per year


**Please note that Case study texts will be provided when the student registers for the complete level. **

Course Code
E2 CIMA Project and Relationship Management
R 2 970
P1 CIMA Advanced Management Accounting R 2 970
F1 CIMA Advanced Financial Reporting R 2 970
MAN ICS CIMA Management ICS R 2 970

Aim of the syllabus

E2 emphasises a holistic, integrated approach to managing organisations, from external and internal perspectives. It builds on the understanding of organisational structuring gained from E1 and is centred on the concept of strategy and how organisational strategy can be implemented though people, projects, processes and relationships. It provides the basis for developing further insights into how to formulate and implement organisational strategy, which is covered in E3.

Topics covered

Introduction to strategic management an assessing the global environmen + 30%
The human aspects of the organisation + 20%
Managing relationships + 20%
Managing change through project + 30%

Aim of the syllabus

Focusing primarily on the long term, P2 builds on the insights about costs and their drivers (from P1) to provide the competences needed to analyse, plan and manage costs to support the implementation of the organisation’s strategy. It shows how to manage and control the performance of various units of the organisation in line with both short-term budgets and long-term strategy. Finally P2 covers investment decision making and the risks associated with such decisions. It provides the basis for developing deeper understanding of various types of risks affecting the strategy and operations of organisations (covered in P3)

Topics covered

Cost planning and analysis for competitive advantage + 25%
Control and performance management of responsibility centres + 30%
Long-term decision making + 30%
Management control and risk + 15%
Aim of the syllabus

F2 builds on the competencies gained from F1. It covers how to effectively source the long-term finance required to fund the operations of organisations, particularly their capital investments. It also deepens the coverage of financial reporting to more complex aspects of group accounting and analyses the rules governing the recognition and measurement of various elements of the financial statements. Finally it shows how to analyse financial statements to provide insights about the financial performance and position of the organisation over time and in comparison with others.

Topics covered

Sources of long-term finance + 15%
Financial reporting + 60%
Analysis of financial performance and position + 25%