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Additional information:

This level comprises of three modules. Once completed, students will receive the CIMA Diploma in Management Accounting. Upon this being achieved, students can progress to the next level. (Management Level)

Examination information:
Each module exams are 90 minutes
Case study exams are 3 hours which is available in 4 windows per year


Course Code
E1 CIMA Organisational Management
R 2 970
P1 CIMA Management Accounting R 2 970
F1 CIMA Financial Reporting and Taxation R 2 970
OPS ICS CIMA Operational ICS R 2 970

Aim of the syllabus

E1 focuses on the structuring of organisations. It covers the structure and principles of underpinning the operational functions of the organisation, their efficient management and effective interaction in enabling the organisation to achieve its strategic objective. It lays the foundation for gaining further insight in both the immediate operating environment and long-term strategic future of organisations which are covered in E2 and E3.

Topics covered

Introduction to organisations + 25%
Managing the finance function + 15%
Managing technology and information + 15%
Operations Management + 15%
Marketing + 15%

Managing Human Resources + 15%

Aim of the syllabus

P1 stresses the importance of costs and drivers of costs in the production, analysis and use fo information for decision making in organisations. The time focus of P1 is the short term. It covers budgeting as a means of short-term planning to execute the strategy of organisations. In addition it provides competencies on how to analyse information on costs, volumes and prices to take short-term decisions on products and services and to develop an understanding on the impact of risk to these decisions. P1 provides the foundation for cost management and the long-term decisions covered in P2. /p>
Topics covered

Cost accounting system + 30%
Budgeting + 25%
Short-term decision making + 30%
Dealing with risk and uncertaintys + 15%

Aim of the syllabus

F1 covers the regulations and preparation of financial statements and how the information contained in them can be used. It provides the competencies required to produce financial statements for both individual entities and groups using appropriate international financial reporting standards. It also gives insight into how to effectively source and manage cash and working capital, which are essential for both the survival and success of organisations. The final part focuses on the basic principles and application of business taxation. The competencies gained from F1 form the basis for developing further insights into producing and analysing complex group accounts (covered in F2) and formulating and implementing financial strategy (covered in F3)

Topics covered

Regulatory environment for financial reporting and corporate governance + 10%
Financial accounting and reporting + 45%
Management of working capital, cash and sources of short-term finance + 20%
Fundamentals of business taxation + 25%