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Additional information:

This level comprises of three modules. Once completed, students will receive the ?

Examination information:
Each module exams are 90 minutes
Case study exams are 3 hours which is available in 4 windows per year


**Please note that Case study texts will be provided when the student registers for the complete level. **

Course Code
E2 CIMA Strategic Management
R 2 970
P1 CIMA Risk Management R 2 970
F1 CIMA Financial Strategy R 2 970
STRAT ICS CIMA Strategic ICS R 2 970

Aim of the syllabus

E3 builds on the insights gained from E1 and E2 about how organisations effectively implement their strategies by aligning their structures, people, process, projects and relationships. E3 aims to develop the skills and abilities of the strategic leaders of organisations, enabling them to create the vision and direction for the growth and long-term sustainable success of the organisation. This involves successfully managing and leading change within the process of strategy formulation and implementation.

Topics covered

Interacting with the competitive environment + 20%
Evaluating ‘strategic position and strategic options + 30%
Leading change + 20%
Implementing strategy + 15%
The role of information systems in organisational strategy + 15%

Aim of the syllabus

3 shows how to identify, evaluate and manage various risks that could adversely affect the implementation of the organisation’s strategy. It provides the competencies required to analyse, evaluate and apply the techniques, processes and internal control systems required to manage risk. The insight is then used to manage the risk associated with cash flows and capital investment decisions – two important areas of organisational life for which the finance function is responsible.

Topics covered

Identification, classification and evaluation of risk + 20%
Responses to strategic risk + 20%
Long-term decision making + 20%
Internal controls to manage risk + 20%
Managing risks associated with cash flows + 20%
Managing risks associated with the capital investment decision + 20%
Aim of the syllabus

F3 focuses on the formulation and implementation of financial strategy to support the overall strategy of the organisation. Using insights gained from F1 and F2, it provides the competencies to evaluate the financial requirements of organisations and the relative merits of alternative sources of finance to meet these requirements. Finally the valuation of corporate entities for mergers, acquisitions and divestments

Topics covered

Formulation of financial strategy + 25%
Financing and dividend decision + 35%
Corporate Finance + 40%